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About me

I earned close to a decade of experience working with different companies, businesses, and agencies building the website for their own business or for their clients.

As a software developer, I helped companies improve their business by optimizing their current website or rebuilding it with modern standards which improved its performance that resulted in increased traffic and engagement, saved time, reduced customer complaints, and increased productivity among others.

I am a listener first; a doer second. I want to hear and understand the challenges from the people directly in the field so that I can work with the great people around me to create meaningful improvements that make the business of my clients grow.


Software Developer


2017 – 2018

Influex is my first company as a software developer. The company's projects are more on personal & business branding of known personalities. They have an intricate and complex website design to create a unique brand for each customer, which poses the biggest challenge to me. Simultaneously, I developed a solid foundation in front-end development.

Software Developer

Vision Tech Team

2017 – 2020

My daily work on VTT includes frontend and backend. Because their specialty is digital marketing, sales funnels, and creating campaigns, their clients consist of digital businesses. Some have membership websites, e-commerce stores, learning management systems, etc. I worked on feature development, API integration, funnel setup, etc.

Project Manager


2021 – 2022

A client said they need a project manager to rebuild several websites. I took on the job and was able to define the objectives, scope, and requirements of the project. Create a streamlined process and strategy for the website rebuilds. Led and managed a team of developers, designers, and copywriters, keeping the team aligned with the goals.

Software Developer


2020 – Present

As an independent developer, I work with different small and medium companies on their website needs. It ranges from website development, SEO audits, security measures, page speed optimization, layout fixes, etc. I also work with digital businesses, streamlining and automating their process for less time spent on repetitive tasks and more efficient workflow.

Owner / Developer

Philippines Web Designs

2024 – Present

Since I started my software development journey, I have learned a lot of new things, mastered different software and tools, and helped other companies and businesses with their website needs. I consolidated all that knowledge and experience and created a blueprint to help more companies improve their website and digital aspects of their business.

Skills & advantages


7+ years

Custom themes, post types, and taxonomies


4+ years

Custom page templates, layouts, and designs


5+ years

Complex designs, upsells, OTOs, and integrations


4+ years

Webhooks, custom codes, APIs, and scheduling


4+ years

Automations, emails, user tagging, integrations

Keap / Infusionsoft

3+ years

Campaigns, automations, integrations, user tagging


7+ years

Responsive, cross-browser compatible, and clean code


4+ years

Functional programming, database, and APIs


4+ years

Integration, and data request, send, and sync


4+ years

Push/pull, code reviews, and collaboration


3+ years

Managed a team of developers and designer



I saw videos of people swimming to the ocean floor without scuba gear, which piqued my interest. I then discovered that it's called freediving. I learned it, and now, when I have free time, I go to different freediving spots in the Philippines with my friends and wife. I want to learn to surf next time.


The Philippines has a lot of mountainous and dense places with natural bodies of water like falls and rivers, making it perfect for hiking while appreciating the work of nature. Afterward, you can dip in the water to relieve the exhaustion, then stay the night to camp, watch the clear night sky free from city lights, and sleep through the noise of the jungle.

Binge Watching

When I'm not out but still want to take a break from things, I watch movies, TV series, and animes. I liked watching psychological, sci-fi, and mystery genres, especially the shows where you would learn something new that you can use in the real world.